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Finding Your Place In Ministry

Finding Your Place In Ministry (1)

Saturday, 29 August 2009 22:56

Finding Your Place In Ministry

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Once you have taken your "First Steps in Ministry" you are ready to walk into "Finding Your Place in Ministry." The Bible says every joint supplies and God has given you a supply that the body needs.  "Finding Your Place in Ministry" is an avenue that facilitates that process. 

We understand the need for sound doctrine and deliverance. Serving God is a lifestyle and if you haven’t heard it already, “Life is what you experience when you have other plans.”  Deliverance is not a bad word, it is called “life happens” and it is all about how one responds to that “life” that determines the victory or defeat. This year’s school will equip you for those wilderness experiences that usually happens during the course of life. The good news is that some of the most powerful adjustments God makes in our lives come through some of those wilderness experiences.  

 The BAM International Bible School's second year curriculum has been designed to help you advance in ministry as you get into position and understand your place of authority. 

2nd Year Graduates

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