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First Steps In Ministry

First Steps In Ministry (1)

Saturday, 29 August 2009 22:56

First Steps in Ministry

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First Steps in Ministry is a great foundation that will take you from an introduction to ministry to actually entering ministry. As you progress through the concepts of ministering to the Father and ministering to people, we guarantee you will receive a deeper understanding of what many people call “prayer” and “church.”

 Of course, we couldn’t help you take your first steps in ministry unless we taught on the subjects of family and finances; two things that are dear to everyone’s heart. What does God say about my family and what does God say about my money? These answers are liberating, practical and also very necessary to be effective in ministry.

The BAM International Bible School has been designed to help you understand the realm of ministry. Former students have appreciated the knowledge and revelation that comes from the class on governments and helps. It brings real life to the two questions people ask at some point in their life, “Who is in charge and why?” and “What am I suppose to do?”

We are sure your experience with BAM is going to be life-changing as you embrace truth and allow it, permit it to become a lifestyle. It is our prayer that this school will be the beginning of a growing relationship with Bill Anderson Ministries.

1st Year Graduates

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