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Longevity In Your Ministry

Longevity In Your Ministry (1)

Saturday, 29 August 2009 22:57

Longevity In Your Ministry

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Having completed "First Steps In Ministry," "Finding Your Place In Ministry", and "Fulfilling Your Ministry," one might ask, "Now what?"  The only logical thing left is the endurance and ability to continue in ministry.  We call it, "Longevity In Ministry."

Longevity In Ministry is BAM International Bible School's 4th year curriculumn that was written with the finishline in mind.  The content helps you walk in your desitny, and more importantly addresses the roadbolocks to it; thus preparing you for the longevity of ministry. The school's curriculumn for this year opens up the issues that are presented to people in ministry over time such as winds of doctrine and extremes and imbalances.

Fourth year bible school is filled with revelation and insight that can only come to students when another layer of the onion is peeled back for them. Answers to tough issues are presented  with wisdom and experience . It has been written to help you arise to the occasion for longterm ministry and live your life in the one hundred fold return realm. As a fourth year bible school student, you will gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to achieve Longevity In Ministry. 

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