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S-Rated Honor An S-Rated MentorCongratulations to BAM University's S-Rated honor student, Stephanie Carter. Stephanie shares her experience with BAM University's "First Steps in Ministry" this way:

"What a wonderful experience I had taking First! Steps In Ministry! I wasn't expecting for it to be as great and life changing as it was. First Steps In Ministry really witnessed to my soul. I found out so much about myself during this experience. I found out I needed 
S-Rated Prayer Bible School students learned an amazing truth that as they minister to the Father, they not only have opportunity for full-time ministry, but also have now put themselves in position to minister to others.  "First Steps in Ministry's" class 3 is titled, "Prayer."   One of the main emphasis of this class teaches students that their main purpose of prayer is to minister to the Father!  Click below to hear how this class impacted the lives of our students.
An S-Rated Congratulations! goes to 1st year S-Rated graduate, Mr. Donald Ray Carter! His friends call him "DC", we call him, S-Rated man of God. We are proud of his accomplishment in completing BAM University's "First Steps in Ministry" with an S-Rating and with the overall status of "good ground" as is explained in the biblical parable of the sower.   

As he reflected on his favorite class in 1st year bible school he wrote," My 
S-Rated to the Power of 2! Meet our one and only "S-Rated to the Power of 2" graduate, Mr. Heath Chappel! Heath completed BAM University's "First Steps in Ministry" for the first time in 2013.  In fact, Heath is a 4-year graduate of BAM University's Bible School. At the beginning of this school year, Heath shared that because he knew he was in a different place now than he was three years ago, he wanted to repeat "First Steps in Ministry."  He felt his journey with God had progressed and that he would
Honor Student Rated Meet 1st year H & S-Rated graduate, Mrs. Stephanie Carter!  Being chosen as BAM University's "First Steps in Ministry" honor student has given her an H-Rating and qualifying as good ground gave her the S-Rating.  She is officially the first H & S-Rated graduate in BAM University! We are so proud of her accomplishments.  

As she reflected on her experience in 1st year bible school she wrote,"A lifestyle of prayer is the topic 
S-Rated Graduate! Meet 1st year S-Rated graduate, Mrs. Amanda Riley! She has completed BAM University's "First Steps in Ministry" with a Scripture-Rating!  Her overall score for the year was a 100-fold!  This means she has qualified as good ground and as the biblical parable of the sower explains, she can expect her harvest accordingly.  We are so proud of her accomplishment.

In one of her final posts she shares her greatest revelation, " The greatest

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