PM, 837 15, 2018
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Walking Daily in the Temple

Welcome to walking daily in the temple. This is your opportunity to further discuss and learn from today's message. The Bible commands us to "rightly divide the Word of truth." (2 Tim. 2:15) It also says "iron sharpens iron." (Proverbs 27:17) Through discussion of the Word we can better understand it therefore, allow it to truly become life in our life. Why not become a registered user and join the discussion forum.

Bishop has once again opened the scripture to a better understanding.

1. Dead Fruit? Explain

2. What is a mountain?

3. How do we take authority over mountains?

4 Deciding what we want. Discuss

5. When you pray what do you do next?

6. How about the 4 steps for a manifestation?

7. Will this process work for anyone no matter what god they worship?

8. Your mind is over what?

9. So how do we sell ourselves short?

10. So explain thiniing higher

11. How did we get what we have?

12. So how will you proceed?

there is so much in this message that we need to really spend some time discussing this! Call your brothers and siters and say "Hey come on over to the discussion ! "
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    Wednesday, June 06 2018, 11:28 AM - #Permalink
    The power of one's words... With just words God spoke into existence me, you, where we live. We were created in His image and our words has power as well and what we speak is creating into existence what we have so recognizing what we think about and what we want is going to dictate what we say and out of the abundance of our heart our mouth will speak. Here's the reality it is speaking we don't have to figure out, how do I get my mouth to talk? it already is talking and that is creating the world that we live in everyday.
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    Wednesday, June 06 2018, 03:15 PM - #Permalink
    This message absolutely blew me away with it's simplicity yet profoundness. Bishop helped me see so clearly how we can take a scripture and make it so super spiritual that we can't see how it really works in our life; when in all reality it's already working in ways we don't realize.. The 4 steps to manifestation that Bishop laid out, that we ALL do every single day was amazing! It was amazing because we do it without even putting much effort into understanding what we are doing, it's just automatic. Yet now that we know we do it, we can be more purposeful in these steps....
    Step 1...Mind--think about it
    Step 2...Emotions--desire it
    Step 3...Will--decide it
    Step 4...Body--Experience it
    We do these every day about everything and most of the time are not even aware that we went through the process. I love how Bishop connected this with the scriptures in Mark 11. Since we can truly have whatever we want and we ALL can look at our lives and realize we sure do figure out ways to get what we really want; I want my wants to become that which God wants. This message help me remember that it all starts with a thought and if my wants are going to line up with God's wants for my life then I guess I had better first pay attention to my thoughts and find out what God is thinking and line my thoughts up with His. The more I think His thoughts, the more thoughts will produce the desire in me that God has and the process will work and I will end up having what God says. When He sees me, He sees one of His daughters that is here to be a witness and bring people to the knowledge of the truth. If I continue to think that way about myself I will get emotional about it and pretty soon my will will get involved and I won't be able to help but do those very things.
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    Friday, June 08 2018, 07:56 AM - #Permalink
    Well I've been thinking about posting on this blog all week, but I guess my emotions and will weren't involved until this morning :)

    As Elder Christy said, Bishop's message was simple and profound. And I so appreciate the simplicity. Simple practical things are hard to over analyze and they don't leave much for you to guess and wonder about.

    We can and will get what we want. But how many people actually know what they want? How many realize their actions and choices are giving them exactly what they sowed for? So long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest ... will not cease. I've been in the same group that doesn't realize, through ignorance or inattention, what thought seeds I planted to get what I am harvesting. BUT, I can decide today what I don't want. I can examine which "god"/theos I'm having faith in every day and in each decision by my harvest. Did I really want that result?

    We have the power speak and choose to cast those things that rise up in us, the tempers, lusts, self things, those mountains into the sea. Those mountains are cast into the same place that Micah 7:19 says God casts our sins when He forgives us... into the sea!

    I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn this natural principle to go beyond to the higher spiritual things that God has for us.
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    Friday, June 08 2018, 09:07 PM - #Permalink
    It says in the Word, We will be judged by every Word that proceeds out of our mouth. Judged both ways . For the negative and for the fact we didn't say the things we needed to say to create what we should have. Yes it is really a matter of directing our emotions by what the Word says and then crafting the proper speech. I am learning to speak less, but when I do, be more pointed to what needs to be done. I again reiterate everyone should wait about 10 seconds before replying. Roll on !
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