AM, 531 20, 2018
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Walking Daily in the Temple

Welcome to walking daily in the temple. This is your opportunity to further discuss and learn from today's message. The Bible commands us to "rightly divide the Word of truth." (2 Tim. 2:15) It also says "iron sharpens iron." (Proverbs 27:17) Through discussion of the Word we can better understand it therefore, allow it to truly become life in our life. Why not become a registered user and join the discussion forum.

Bishop gives us a boost ias we go ahead in 2018 . Our year has been going already, but we will impact the world that thinks like the Romans. Light let's discuss!

1. How many things do people try to "Christianize" ? Think about and discuss.

2. Tell us what "The Year of the Menorah means."

3. How do we shine?

4. What are you manifesting?

5. Discuss Illuminator/Illuminating

6. How does transparency work with light

7. Portable lamp?

8. What breaks up dissolves loosens dissolves changes things and is messy?

9. How will you keep the light burning?

10. Making pure Oil. Discuss oil.

11 Keeping ourselves under subjection. How do we do that?

12 Praying in union with the Spirit! Discuss this.

There are lot of nuggets to discus.n remember these questions ar a guide. What we are looking for is a discussion of the impact of this message on you! Let the discussion begin!!!

May this Word Become life in our lives as we Roll on with Jesus!
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    Tuesday, January 02 2018, 05:13 PM - #Permalink
    Praying in Union with the spirit. I have to know him, I have to know the heart of God to be in Union with him. How do you get to know someone and what they're going to do what they're doing, you spend time with them. Then you begin to do what they're doing and find out how they do it. If I'm going to be in unity with the spirit of God than I'm going to have to help him do what he's doing otherwise I'll be in unity with something else, so what is God doing? He's not willing that any should perish he's trying to save those that are lost who don't know the truth he's desiring to demonstrate and show the pure true real heart of God so that all the Earth can choose.
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    Wednesday, January 03 2018, 08:54 AM - #Permalink
    I have been experiencing a great deal of crushing recently, and honestly I have not been enjoying it at all but this message was such a great reminder that the crushing is all about producing oil. If people around me are going to see any light then I have to have oil in order to have light. Thank God He can work with any little amount of light that I do have.

    Praying in union with the Spirit. WOW! Talk about a check in my life that showed that I have not been praying in union with the Spirit a lot of the time because otherwise I would see some change in areas that I have not been seeing change in. If I were truly praying in union with the Spirit I would not be praying about myself in a self centered manner but instead my prayers would really be about other people and reaching them. I am thankful that I finally can see that I have been deceived in thinking I was praying when I wasn't really praying all that much of real value that God can work with.
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    Wednesday, January 03 2018, 12:26 PM - #Permalink
    Pastor Aaron
    Staying in union is the key. I like how Bishop mentioned how peopoe think of praying in tongues as necessary to get in union with the Spirit. that can be done as well but to walk in union all day long is another type of commitement to move ourselves out of the way in every situation. We are always to be about the business of soul winning and testifying of our Lord.

    Elder Christy
    I am seeing not only praying but walking in union with the Spirit! That takes God awaareness all day. Something we must practice in every situation. Taking that moment to listen to the Spirit. How many times have we heard the small voice sying don't do this or just be uncomfortable and instead of taking a moment to pray we just bull ahead inour own way and then regret it later. I just had one yesterday. the Spirit was tellign me to menrtion to my cousins that they should let their faucets drio because it was going to be cold that night. I didn't because I reassoned (Bad move) that he knew about cold weather and after all it was his house. Well guess what frozen pipes! AS long as I have been walking in the SPirit and still I disobeyed! SO being in union is going to take commitment and it is so vital in these days. Love you and Pastor Aaron thanks for your comments.
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    Saturday, January 06 2018, 03:40 AM - #Permalink
    Praying in Union with the Spirit! That was a check in my life as well Elder Christy. Prayer is not about how loud you are or speaking in tongues but is about praying the Fathers heart. When we pray for people we must pray the right pray. Have you ever had someone pray for you and the pray was way off, almost like they were thinking of things to say to sound spiritual. I'm so grateful that we at BAM have a Bishop that cares about our prayer life and wants us to pray the right way. We must know the Fathers heart but the only way we will get to know it is if we spend time with Him as Pastor Aaron said. We can't keep our light burning if we can't communicate we the Oil giver. I believe that God has BAM at a place where it's all or nothing. We want to keep the light shining, we want to keep the oil burning. Light can't be hidden, people that are in darkness will see a shine, a difference, a dedicated people when they see the people of BAM. God has done something in us I believe. God wants to show us off, the Beauty of Holiness is getting ready to be shown. The more we walk in the light, the more darkness won't be able to effect us. We (BAM) are going to be place on the menorah lit and lighting up other, as long as our relationship with God stays pure.
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