PM, 729 24, 2018
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Walking Daily in the Temple

Welcome to walking daily in the temple. This is your opportunity to further discuss and learn from today's message. The Bible commands us to "rightly divide the Word of truth." (2 Tim. 2:15) It also says "iron sharpens iron." (Proverbs 27:17) Through discussion of the Word we can better understand it therefore, allow it to truly become life in our life. Why not become a registered user and join the discussion forum.

Pine Cones

Pastor Aaron is always challenging us!

1. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you to............

2. Is everything others need in you?

3. I don't want to discuss this!

4. Lot's of repair to do where does Praise come in.

5. What causes Life Long change

6. Are we always PREFERRING others ABOVE ourselves?

7. Obedience what did God say to you in this message about that ?

8. What will your pine cone reproduce this week??

Let's tell our friends about the discussion SHow them how lead them to the website to see the message. Roll on with Jesus!
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    Tuesday, May 29 2018, 08:44 AM - #Permalink
    I am so thankful for our team at BAM! It's a beautiful thing to know that God uses our team to bring the very Word of God that is needed to help people right where they are, and yes that's ministers too!:) It all started with the Day of Revelation and the message Bishop brought us. Love God, love others, the 2 tablets we have everywhere we go. Then we get into the nitty gritty of obedience with Pastor Aaron. So for the past week, the more I have pondered the two messages and the fact that they go hand and hand, the more my eyes have been opened to see.

    I have always thought that I loved God and had no trouble showing that, and that the only real problem was the loving others. So I have put a lot of my focus on loving others; learning how to just start a conversation with someone and learning how to get myself out of the way. It's been a process of getting over self, but thankfully we all get an opportunity to do this every day! However, what my eyes have been opened to this week is that I have not really been loving God the way He wants. There are things in my life that I simply have not obeyed Him in consistently. As I look at what my hands do as either keeping the commandments or breaking them and I connect that to obedience to what God has said to me, then I can clearly see my lack of obedience, therefore lack of loving Him. I thought I knew this before; thought I could see; until I finally see it for what it truly is. I could see the disobedience before as disobedience and would feel bad about it and want to change it and like Bishop said, try to shovel out the darkness. But when I finally saw it this week as not just disobedience but a lack of loving God, that changes things for me. How can anyone of us possibly say we love someone and yet our actions say a completely different story and still think we love? I realize it's not true at all. So the light is on and now it's not about trying to not disobey God; it's about loving God and loving others with all I do and where I go---my obedience will cause me to love the way God wants and the way others need.
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    Saturday, June 02 2018, 04:29 PM - #Permalink
    Elder Christy

    It seems we are the only ones picking up spine cones. :) I have always marvelled at how we (Myself included), work so hard to find a way to disobey God. He says His yoke is easy and His burden is light, yet I have watched people work so hard to get around what God says.
    That is What the enemy uses. It would have been easier for Eve to leave that tree alone , but she entertained the thought of it and lingered around until she disobeyed. We have to get to the point of God said it that settles it! We are selfish if we decide to do it some other way. One thing is , we do not know the whole plna so what might seem harmless to us effects something in the world totally differently than it does us at the time. God made the plan, He knows the plan, and He knows what is best for us!
    If we are not sure don't do it! Obey. It is the easy way in the end. Love you Roll on with Jesus!
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