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Walking Daily in the Temple

Welcome to walking daily in the temple. This is your opportunity to further discuss and learn from today's message. The Bible commands us to "rightly divide the Word of truth." (2 Tim. 2:15) It also says "iron sharpens iron." (Proverbs 27:17) Through discussion of the Word we can better understand it therefore, allow it to truly become life in our life. Why not become a registered user and join the discussion forum.


Reverend Connie gives us food for thought. we have discussed a lot about our relationship to God. In that we want to see where we are relative to God. Let's see what we got ou of this.

1. Do you act like you own God?

2. Do You tell God what to do when you pray?

3. Do we put God in the toybox once we leave Church?

4. Which are your favorite Gods? ( where you spend your time and efforts)

5. So do we own God? Does God own us?

6. What consumes you?

7. How can we ride n the high places?

8. How does submission play a part in this?

9. Do you want God to own you? Take Vare of you?

10. Do you need to redig your well?

11 Can you see how your well got filled?

A great message let's honor it with a great discussion.
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    Tuesday, May 15 2018, 06:21 PM - #Permalink
    I continue to be amazed over and over at Our Father God and His reaching us right where we are and where we most need Him. It's no surprise that Rev. Connie brought us a great message from the throne; it's simply the continual love that God has for His people (us) to help us examine ourselves so we can grow. We can ponder the questions, "Do I think I own God?" and "Does God own me?" and hopefully come to the answer, "No I don't own God but He does own me". But I want to talk about re-digging my well. This was so timely for my own life because that is what I have been doing for the last few weeks; digging out all the stuff that has clogged up my well and Sunday gave me an opportunity to get out more stuff.

    I can pinpoint a few different things that were the causes that clogged up my well but I will only talk about one...I was so focused on everything I was not any good at, and all the things I couldn't do on my own; my inadequacies (as Min. Ryan said a couple of weeks ago) that I would constantly think about self and all it's imperfection and over and over again add more junk to my well. ( I literally felt completely unable to do anything with my well so clogged) A couple weeks ago when the light turned on and I could finally see what I was doing, everything started changing. I got my eyes off what I can't do and off self so much and started putting my eyes on Jesus Christ and what He already did and on God and some things He already said (like the fact that I belong to Him and I am going where He is going) and in that simply shift in where my focus was, caused me to get some of the junk out of my well and at the same time, evangelism began to get easier and more of a joy. I am finding the more freed up my well is, the more joy I have and the more I love interacting with people, some of those times truly being able to meet a person's need, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual (maybe all 3), which allows them to encounter the Father through me. That's what it's all about and why it is so important to have a well that is truly full and flowing with living water and not stuff that clogs it up. So I am continuing to dig out any remaining junk and am so thankful for the change that God has done in me and is doing in others.
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    Tuesday, May 15 2018, 08:25 PM - #Permalink
    This is a message I did not take a lot of notes although it was full of nuggets but Rev. Connie's message just had me thinking about two questions she presented to us through during the message. The two questions were: 1) What do I play with all week and 2) Do I want my well unclogged?

    I looked at my week and there were 4 toys I play with all week 1) God and His Word 2) Work 3) People 4) Self.. Sometimes they are not in that particular order but generally they are the four toys that consume my life. What I noticed was how quickly I can be drawn to one of the four based upon the moment/circumstance that I feel as though I am needed the most. Work has been extremely difficult to break away from since I got back to Pa from Passover because the demand of my time has increased. For a quick moment about three weeks ago, work owned me and God quickly humbled me on my way home from work because it had replaced Him as my # 1 focus. Ugghhh. I enjoy my job but do I really love my job? No,I love God and witnessing at my job more than I do my job.
    Today another manager, who is a Christian, asked me how I was doing since my promotion and I said to him "The only reason I keep coming here is because of the ministry opportunity my position has put me in." He looked at me and said "I agree with you."
    Meaning he knows we both are there to impact someone else's life for the kingdom of God and we cannot allow the cares of the job to get us down or in the way of our purpose for being there.

    My point to all this was my job was filling up my well with focus on the tasks at hand instead of the people God was putting in front of me. For a short period of time my witness was that of a person who was under A LOT of stress, working hard, and managing a lot of people to get tasks done. During this time, someone mentioned to me, I did not want to come talk to you because I knew you had a lot on your plate. At that moment, I realized God did not own me because there was never a moment where Jesus was not approachable during His time of ministry.
    Do I want me well unclogged? Yes because without a well flowing freely with water with no sand is great and a house will have clean water and all the fixtures will work when the homeowner turns on the water. A well with a lot of sediment in the water can still flow freely but over time it will clog up fixtures in a house and will no longer dispense water when the homeowner needs water. The reason I say this is are we going to be a faucet in God's house that works correctly when He wants us to dispense living water for someone else to drink from or are we going to be a faucet clogged with sand that will not dispense water for someone who is thirsty?
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    Wednesday, May 16 2018, 12:18 PM - #Permalink
    These past couple weeks have certainly been eventful and I dare say the fulfillment in my life of "the emotional year". Becoming a father has really kicked my perspective in a new direction. I can't help but think of Father God and His thoughts on His sons and daughters, and the difference in mentality between sons and slaves. A slave to sin would say "You don't own me" to God. But an obedient son of God does as his Father says and can dwell with his father forever.

    Looking at my own son, I want to be an example of Father God to him. Requiring obedience of His children yes, but with love, and what He asks of His children is to further the plans He has for them to prosper. Love with guidance and correction. If I imagine my son saying "You don't own me" or "You can't tell me what to do" I think of how angry and hurt that would make me feel. God's love for us is so much greater than my own, He loved us so much He gave His son Jesus. How angry and hurt does He feel when we say "You don't own me" or "You can't tell me what to do"?

    God bought us with a price. But have I allowed Him to own me? Not in all areas and at all times. Rev. Connie's message makes it plain how I can evaluate who or what really owns me. I can simply look at where all my time, money and attention are going. The GSW talked about God is not just another one of my toys. And what are toys for but entertainment? I don't think I "put God in the toybox" when I leave church, I have spent more time in prayer and in the Word throughout my week than I ever have in my life. But I know I spend a fair amount of time "entertaining" myself with tv, games, etc. Saying things like "it helps me unwind" or relax. But those effects really don't last. This is an area I need to overcome, submit and seek God first, finding my peace in Him. I don't want to be among the ones Rev Connie mentioned: "If you’re not free, it's possible God doesn’t own you."
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    Thursday, May 17 2018, 01:31 PM - #Permalink
    I will do it myself...The famous words of three-year-old I wonder how many adult three-year-olds tell God I will do it myself no stop don't help me I can do it.... oh my If we allow God to own us then we're allowing him to take care of us sometimes as an adult we feel like got to take care of things. I got to fix it, I got to provide, I've got to do all this and yes we have to put our hands to something. Do we work inside of the opportunity, in the favor, the prosperity, in the goodness that God has provided or do we try to do it outside of his covering without him knowing or without his involvement. We experience a struggle we experience the lack of his presence the lack of his favor because we tried to do it ourselves or in our own ability he said if anyone lacks Wisdom ask a little more asking not for things but for wisdom from his perspective. His input into what we do so that what we do is effective, successful and prosperous that's what he desires for us he wants to take care of us. It’s his desire to take care of us but first asking what he would have us do goes a long way to allowing him to be able to actually do something for us.
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    Thursday, May 17 2018, 04:49 PM - #Permalink
    Nate, I really like your second paragraph and looking at this from the perspective of a new father and if your son ever said, "You don't own me" or "You can't tell me what to do" and then connecting that with how our Father in heaven feels if we say that to Him. Many times I think we distance ourselves from God having "emotions" because after all He's God. But when He created us, He did so in His likeness and image, which means He has emotions. Not to mention He did things at times in anger (like wanting to wipe out the Israelites and Moses talking Him out of it). Being reminded that He has emotions and we as His children affect Him by our obedience and disobedience ought to cause us to desire to truly allow Him to own us. I give thanks nearly every day for the sacrifice and the blood of Jesus, without which we would be in BIG trouble and yet how much more should that cause us to love and desire to obey the very One who gave His very best because of His love for us.
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    Friday, May 18 2018, 12:51 PM - #Permalink
    By the end of the message, when Rev. Connie was talking about the wells and what's filling our wells up that causes the water not to flow, I realized what tends to fill up my wells these days.
    It used to be things that I thought were huge, things that were pretty obvious in God's Commandments that He either hated or I was being disobedient to. I would focus on getting those things out of my life, or in using the wording this week, digging out my wells. And as I dug it out, destroyed those obvious (at least, obvious to me, from what I was learning in the Torah) ungodly things, I was experiencing the living water flowing in my life more and more! It was amazingly freeing!!!
    But after a while, I noticed my wells getting filled up again. This time though, it wasn't with the same things as before. So what is it now? Well, God showed me on Sunday that even the simplest normal little everyday things can start to fill in our wells. The cares of each day. The things that need to be done. And the extra things we THINK NEED to get done. The things that fill up our time and fill up our minds. Probably even things I think I have to be in control of, but really don't need to. It's THESE things that dry up my wells these days. Hmmm... dry and aggravated wilderness kind of dry maybe? Probably...
    So, no matter how small or large something may seem that is filling up our wells, it's still all just filling up our wells! And a dry well prevents the flow of living water. That's what God is working on in us right now. He wants to flow in us, but what's stopping us up? After hearing this in Sunday's message, I now am keeping my eyes opened for the things that maybe aren't so obvious anymore, even things that seem pretty innocent, that are keep the living water from flowing in my wells! Because, if we are allowing the things that we think are important in our lives to keep us dry, then we won't be able to "flow" in the gifts that God has given us to reach other people.
    Along with that, this is what I learned. All those little or big things that fill us up that shouldn't, WILL be taken care of. Because God owns us! I find rest in knowing that He will clearly show me what is important, and what is not, and what is in the correct order. Because He takes care of what He owns as we are submitted to Him.
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    Saturday, May 19 2018, 04:29 PM - #Permalink
    Elder Christy:

    FOCUS it is so important to focu outwardly not inwardly. We check inward an we grow inwardly because of our focus on Him: HIs Word, His plan, His people, His evangelism. If we do these things the other on the inside will change. I tell people don't stop cussing, smokin, drinkin, Start reading your Bible, praying, going to church, hanging around christian people. then the other things will fall away. the enemy wants us to focus on all the things we fall short in. I am not saying not to recognize these things. I am saying don't dwell on them. Spend our time obeying his commandments by the Spirit and all those things will get in line.

    Minister Ryan Welker:

    I totally can relate to that situation being o dispatch myself . not only the pressure of time but of not using the less that truthful protocol of some companies, it was tremendously stressful if i let it. I approached each day as a mission for God. I made some declarations to the management such as I would not lie I would not do harm to driers. the point is that when we set the parameters it makes it more possible to be the servant we need to be. So the company did not own me. Now I lost some jobs because of the stand I made for sure. But God owned me and always provided. Digging out those wells is one thing, then keeping them clean is another.

    Nate Evans:

    What a great opportunity you have to "bring up that child in the way he should go." "The Bible says make your calling and election sure." I see this message as a time to verify the ownership of all of our life. I found that He owns me in most of my life, but there are parts that I have not given full ownership. I see it so clearly. We want to partner god with the enemy and God will have no part of it1 thanks for continuing to grow and become the Father Husband and man of God you are called to be.

    Pastor Aaron Anderson:

    I believe that you have hit on something that is prevalent in the Christian world today. Many are doing "God things" that god didn't tell them to do. those will be Goats if they continue. You can build a tower to reach heaven but it will come to naught. really knowing the owner and what His desires are is the key. We can go and build a house for the owner and if we don't know Him He will make us tear it down and build it to His Specs.

    Amanda Riley:

    That is so right on! The Deceitfulness of riches, the lust of other things, is found in the little things. Those are the things that creep into our day. The little foxes spoil the vine. Even "good things" can be a distraction from what God needs you to do. One thing I have noticed over the years is this. If the enemy cannot get someone to stop serving God, he will try to get them so busy doing so many things that they lose their close relationship to God.

    Good posts everyone!
    Roll on with Jesus !
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